Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My favorite Tweets of the Day 02/29/12

1. U guys are in my sociology text book.
2. We ALL have pain, but suffering is optional.
3. If he broke your heart... he needs to change his crappy attitude. He was not the guy for u baby..
4. Yeah.. I don't do the farting convos. Thats for men
5.  it is not how much we do but the appreciation with which we do it!
6. We Will Not Retire Until We Fight Again
7. I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?
8. why does everyone assume I'm drunk when i misspell. i don't spell check and roll fast and loose don't blame the booze man! its me!
9. I know this is not a very rapper thing to say but I haven't bought a new car or piece of jewelry in about 2 years...
10. サマーソニック第2弾ラインナップ発表!! ジャミロクワイ、フランツ・フェルディナンドなど6組が登場   (You tell me )

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remembering Michael Jackson

August 29, 2011 would've been his 53rd, Birthday.
This is the two-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's
" We've just learned Michael Jackson was taken by
ambulance to a hospital in Los Angeles
and we're told
it was cardiac arrest and that paramedics
administered CPR
in the ambulance ... and it's looking bad."
He was picked up at his home around
20 minutes ago
we're told his mother is on the way to visit him.
" The 911 call came in at 12:21PM at his Holmby Hills home
in L.A. : A Jackson family member tells TMZ Michael is in
"really bad shape" and the brothers are headed to UCLA.
We just got off the phone with Joe Jackson, Michael's dad,
who says "he is not doing well." 
" We've just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50.
Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his
Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him.
We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and
they never got a pulse back. A source tells us Jackson was dead
when paramedics arrived. A cardiologist at UCLA tells TMZ Jackson died of cardiac arrest. Once at the hospital, the staff tried to resuscitate him" 
" but he was completely unresponsive.
A source inside the hospital told us there was "absolute chaos" after Jackson arrived. People who were with the singer were screaming, "You've got to save him! You've got to save him!"
" Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II."
"The person who makes the call says Jackson was not breathing and unconscious. Jackson was not responding to CPR. The caller says the doctor on scene -- Dr. Conrad Murray -- was the only witness -- "The doctor has been the only one here."
" Propofol, a powerful anesthetic, was found in the house after Jackson died. Various medical experts tell us there is absolutely no medical justification for Jackson to have had this drug in his home -- it is used to knock people out before surgery. It is administered through an IV. We're told Jackson wanted the drug to sleep and that he had cravings for anesthesia -- whenever he had "
" even the most minor medical procedure ... he had the doctor put him under.

It is increasingly looking like Propofol may have caused Jackson to go into cardiac arrest and die. The doctors we spoke with say it's reckless for any doctor to supply Jackson with Propofol and especially reckless to administer it to him at home. "
Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers will ask the trial judge today for an order allowing them to get fluid samples from Michael Jackson -- to help with their defense in the involuntary manslaughter case."

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Passing Through Window's

Passing through window's
Once Panes of glass now
Broken into fragments and-
Transmitted through the-
loneliness Seen in eyes.

Passing through window's
Beginning with a look.
The sleeping state-
When Eyes see sunsets-
through Transparent glass-
Passing through window's.
Like the cornea of the Eye-
Sometimes Empty.
Passing through window's,
and hidden from view-
Young eyes, Weak eyes,
Wearily, Wisely-
Always different-
always new-
Passing through window's.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Act Of Saying

Act Of saying: Written for A Friend 2010
There are sunny days in life, and sometimes there is a pall of gloom, disappointments, wishes, hopes, ambitions. Sometimes-
There is everything and everyone in our lives, yet there is nothing, we yearn for something more, things we didn't get, reminiscence of the events gone by and dozens of other feelings. Life is something that makes you accomplish your seemingly impossible dreams. No matter who will be the first and last, you stand where your goals want. Not the rich or poor can decide his own fate, when you do something bad, it will be remembered for years. When you do something good, it will be forgotten in a day. Nevertheless, do good anyway. Life can be tricky, and sometimes hard, just get out there and get it done.
Sometime- backthen- yesterday has gone, our tomorrow is yet to be- dawn. Then why do we think of our past, and our hidden future-
We try to forecast? Why not think of nothing and let things go as they do? Or should we think of our dreams and try to turn ‘em true? If time just runs in day and date, what is early, what is late?
The world is your own canvas blank;( you write the script ) Life is special to you in many-
Personal ways. Every color and shape holds the truth of life.
Every life has a different history, and no one could paint a better picture of your life --than you. © 2010 JGomez

Friday, November 19, 2010

Jon Brion's song for Synecdoche


 Brion's lyrics--- are as melancholic and timeless as ever: "I'm just a little person, one person in a sea / Of many little people, who are not aware of me / I do my little job, and live my little life / Eat my little meals, miss my little kid and wife." There are many philosophical musings going on, questions asked, meanings discovered or not--of course. But there is also the experience of . . .well, experiencing it. As an audience member. Vicariously. Those who write, "it's been done before: Life is a stage" or "Ok, enough, I get it", somehow missed living in the story themselves while they were watching. It's not just an intellectual exercise. It's about your father, your children, feeling like someone's keeping track of your life, the struggle to see your life, constantly knowing you will die, and a million other things. And I mean you, not Caden. Perhaps that's been done before, too. But not so well, not with such nuance of emotion.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Koja's UNDER THE POPPY: dark, epic and erotic novel of war and intrigue

 Koja's Under the Poppy is a novel unlike any other
even unlike any other of Kathe Koja's books, which are
a marvelous genre unto themselves. In some ways,
Poppy marks a return to the early-period Koja,
the purveyor of dark, erotic poesie, horror novels
that dripped blood and fluids and explored the way
that art and love and Eros twine around themselves,
in bottomless tragedy from which joy and beauty shine
like pennies in the sewer. Poppy has all the emotional
sophistication of the late Koja, author of spare and lean
young adult novels like Buddha Boy, but it also has an
epic sweep that is entirely new here, a kind of vastness that breaks free of the claustrophobia through which her people fight and love.
Poppy opens in a middle-European town on the eve of war, sometime in the late 19th century: a disreputable and dirty town full of brothels and cut-purses and spies and intrigue. One such brothel, Under the Poppy, stands apart from the others: it is more than seller of sex: it is a stage where every night, whores act out fantastic play lets, spurred on by the virtuoso piano-playing of a tongueless player who expresses himself in mime and music.
To the Poppy comes Istvan, a puppeteer whose mecs -- elaborate clockwork automate -- are perfectly suited to the Poppy's stage, being endowed with enormous clockwork organs and Istvan's bawdy and funny-cruel ventriloquism. But Istvan isn't just a traveling jangler; he is the long-lost brother of Decca, the madame of the house, and the long-lost lover of Rupert, the front-of-the-house man. All three were orphans together in the long-ago, until love and anger drove them apart. Now, reunited, they might have all they ever wanted.
Except for the war. The war, threatening from the distance, is coming to town. With it come conspirators and commanders: Jurgen Vidor, a sexually sadistic mercantile empire-builder; Mr Arrowsmith, the special aide to to the coming forces, and the General, commander of the armies and participant in the vast conspiracy that seeks to take all of Europe for a small cabal of rich and secretive men.
War descends, dreams are smashed, old friendships split at the seams, blood is spilled, the brave are braver, the cowards cover themselves in shame, and coarse soldiers take up residence in the Poppy. When the players and the whores flee for Brussels, the dream is at an end.
This is just the first act, and it's merely the setup for a second act that's long enough to be a book in its own right, in which the stories of minor and major characters retwine: love and betrayal, blackmail and beatings, sex and death, all in that gummy blackness of stained cobbles and old blood.
This book made me drunk. Koja's language is at its poetic best, and the epic drama had me digging my nails into my palms. It's like a Tom Waits hurdy-gurdy loser's lament come to life, as sinister as a dark circus.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Have Many Faces

Written By: Kathleen.Ross----I Have Many Faces
Close your eyes.. picture me.. What do you see?
I am only one person, with one mind, one soul, one heart.. but I have many faces.. Can you tell them apart?
Many say I have the face of an angel..strong and wise.. Look a little closer.. Can you see the devil in my eyes?
In the morning when I awake.. I look in the mirror and ask myself.. Which face shall I wear today?
For I have many faces..
Do you see a women torn between who she is and who she wants to be?
Do you see a mother who tries her best?
A women who hides her fears, holds in all her tears?
Do you see a friend? A lover?
Do you wish to seek and discover?
Do you see the child inside?
Do you see my wild side?
Do you see me as a writer? A delighter?
Do you see me as an employee? Future interior designer?
Do you see my rage? I feel like the true me has been locked in a cage..
Can you see my confusion?  Is this life,or just an illusion?
Can you hear my screams?
Do you see my pain? I feel as if I am standing on the outside, looking in.. afraid of what may come..
Yet still through each trial, I hold my head up and smile.. Acknowledge my pride..
Tell myself, if I can make it through today.. tomorrow will be OK..
So many faces… longing, for embraces..
Now open your eyes.. look at me and tell me.. Who do you see?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

River Bank---Recollection - Of Time Pt.3--The Fredericksburg Agriculture Fair

The Fredericksburg Agriculture Fair was established in 1738 when the Virginia House of Burgess authorized and directed that "fairs should be held in Fredericksburg twice a year for the sale of cattle, provisions, goods, wares, and all kinds of merchandise”. In 1752 - a Company of Comedians from the new Theater of Williamsburg performed at the June Fredericksburg Fair. In 1774, the Fredericksburg Jockey Club's race meets were seen during the June and October fairs. There were no fairs in Fredericksburg from 1881-1886. The Fair was brought to life again in 1887 and by the turn of the century there were circuses, hot air balloons and thousands of entries. As farmers struggled during 
the Depression, the tradition of the fair slipped.
For 16 years, beginning in the mid 1920's the fair wasn't held.
In the late 1940's a group of farmers formed a fair association.
The local Jaycees decided to help. 
In 1948 Commercial space was sold under a 1,300 foot tent.
A cowboy act and some other entertainment were brought in. 
Livestock and homemaking exhibits were arranged and thus,
the current day's Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair was born. 
The tents were used to house the homemaking, arts and crafts,
food concessions and commercial spaces. 
The first structure, the fair office building,
did not go up until the late 1950's at that time Kathleen Howard began running the Homemaking exhibits. There is also a Cattle Barn and workshop on the grounds. Smaller structures were built to house food concessions. In 960 the fair was kicked off by a reception at the old Princess Anne Hotel followed by a big parade down Caroline Street. The Fredericksburg area was still rural and there were many farms to provide entries for cattle, poultry, vegetables, etc. That year an unknown singer, Tammy Waynette came to perform and surprised the audience by singing some songs with her new husband, George Jones. There was even a real helicopter ride with the door open. Mary Carson, along with the assistance of Kay Jenks Davies, started the Miss Fredericksburg Fair beauty pageant.
I remember seeing all the bright light and all the beautiful colors. I remember swell times playing in the warm Sunshine. .I remember riding on the Ferris wheel, and seeing all the clowns and vendors, getting lots of candy apples and cotton candy pop corn too. I remember those carefree days when I was swept up and away high on the Ferris wheel!! I remember going early to the Fair and leaving late, falling to sleep in the car on the way home.
 At night while under my covers in bed, with my windows open, I could still smell the cotton candy and hear the laughter of all the children, as I drifted off to sleep, with much anticipation of what tomorrow would bring.

© 2010 JGomez

Friday, October 1, 2010

River Bank---Recollection - Of Time Pt.1

The Rappahannock River is a river in eastern Virginia, in the United States, approximately 195 miles (314 km) in length. It traverses the entire northern part of the state, from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west, across the Piedmont, to the Chesapeake Bay, south of the Potomac River., passing through the city of Fredericksburg VA .
As a child growing up across the street from the Rappahannock  River...
This River became  my play ground.
This River is where I learned
to swim (or drown) where I use to fish until the sun went down and the moon rose like a big orange fiery ball in the sky. 
Once wadding through the River late in the evening with my homemade fishing pole in hand, not far from the River’s bank,
I came across a small group of rocks they appeared to be “Floating like leafs on a peaceful pond" I came back often to that spot it became my favorite fishing spot. I’d sit and sit until I heard the crickets and saw the flash of the lighting bugs .The River was always so clam and peaceful at night with only the stars to light up the water’s surface. 
  The river always followed me home ,through my bedroom window at night, I could hear the run of the river....
smell the fish,

 As the roar of the rapids

rocked me to sleep.

River Bank--Recollection - Of Time Pt.2

That sweet fragrant in the breeze was: Carl’s ice cream (and still is).
 The gently summer breeze always reminded me, of Carl's I- could hardly wait to get a cone. I remember standing in long lines that wrapped around the building. With my parent's,- there I would be . One of the good memories I have of childhood-like bike rides with friends, hanging out till the street lights came on...or until the lighting bugs ---- went to sleep. 
        I remember sitting on the ground until my ice cream cone was gone- (most of it on my shirt) remembering a time when life was more simple, this is what people did with summer evenings back then , a long time ago. Time was a lot slower then, everyone looked forward to Carl's ice cream in the evenings ,like a pattern it was what you was supposed to do.

  I remember playing hide-n-seek until way after dark; it was the best time to play.I remembers fishing until the sun went down. The night sky would wrapped me in a blanket and keep me safe.  My appreciation and love for the River developed when I was young. Those fun filled days, will always remain with me each time I see the Rappahannock River. There's a mystery to any river, no matter where you are, if you look close enough in the rolls, of the waves, the wind seems to cradle it in a way, swiftly moving it to a destination unknown.

While under my covers at night in my room, (with my belly full of ice cream) with my window open.   I would drift off to sleep, hearing the run of the river as it rocked me to sleep.
      Oh well, I’ve got more to say but you'll have to check back latter to read.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random people in the park

Random people in the park
Play soccer until after dark
Hot dogs cook on the grill
Another goal, another kill
Sunlight filters through the trees
Boys and girls with banged-up knees

Random people in the park
Teens holding hands after dark
Steal a kiss now and then
Innocent love without much sin
Golden hair and young features
Defines another of God’s creatures

Random people in the park
Older couples still hold onto that spark
Gray hair and varicose veins
Defy Father Time just the same
Laughter and memories of soccer moms
Before college and high school proms

A lone figure in the park
Slow of feet, his features stark
Labored breath but eyes sparkle still
To catch the wind, another day fulfilled
Family memories of walks in the park
Silence now pervades the dark 

by A. Keith Barton

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bruce Lee

  Bruce Lee 27 November 1940 – 20 July 1973  Bruce Lee Foundation
was one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century.Upon reaching the age of 18, Lee emigrated to the USA to claim his US Citizenship.It was during this time he began teaching martial arts, which soon led to film and television roles.Lee became an iconic figure known throughout the world. Bruce Lee had two children with Linda, Brandon Lee (1965–1993) and Shannon Lee (*1969).
Lee began teaching martial arts in the United States in 1959 , Lee with his lightning-fast moves earned the role of Kato alongside Van Williams in the The Green Hornet
Lee also played Kato in three episodes of Batman. In 1971 Bruce pitched a television series of his own tentatively titled The Warrior,which was confirmed by Warner Bros.
However Warner Bros retooled Lee's concept and gave Lee no credit,Instead the role of the Shaolin monk ,was awarded to then non-martial artist David Carradine
David Carradine (December 8, 1936 - June 3, 2009)
Warner Bros.was bias from the very beginning, holding unreasonable judgment against Lee,because of his  race, Warner Bros feared that a Chinese leading man would not be embraced by the public. Not happy with Warner Bros Lee returned to Hong Kong. Lee later formed his own company Concord Productions Inc, In 1964, at a demonstration in Long Beach, California, Lee  met karate champion Chuck Norris,Lee introduced Norris to moviegoers in his  production of " Way of the Dragon "as his opponent in the final death fight. Warner Brothers notice Lee's  popularity with television audiences, offered Lee the opportunity to star in" Enter the Dragon"  only a few months after the film's completion Lee mysteriously died. (20, July 1973)Enter the Dragon would go on to become one of the year's highest grossing films                               
Lee was well-read and had an extensive library many books on  philosophy Lee also was a  atheist,, when asked if he believed In God, he responded I really do not. According to autopsy reports, Lee's brain had swollen considerably, The only substance found during the autopsy was Equagesic Lee's death officially, was ruled a "death by misadventure, 20 years after Lee's death his son, Brandon Lee, also an actor, died in a bizarre accident while filming The Crow. Brandon Lee was 28, Brandon Lee was buried beside his father.                                                        

Saturday, May 15, 2010

kissed in the rain

Ingrained into our thoughts to be kissed in the rain the elusive ‘perfect Romantic Moment.  You just can’t plan the exact moment,----

Walking hand in hand---Suddenly
 it begins to rain
 Is this the perfect romantic moment? 
 It doesn’t matter-- kiss her now ! 
 but what if the kiss is sloppy
The rain falls into your mouth
  It doesn’t matter-- kiss her now !  
 Is this how love is supposed to work ?  
 It doesn’t matter-- kiss her now ! 
 Embrace a perfect moment
       with fire in your eyes-
           Kiss her now ! 
One could say YES ,“I have kissed in the rain.”

 DNA Stain © 2010 JGomez

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Dead Un-Dead was one of Stoker's original titles for Dracula

05/12/10   Dracula is an 1897 novel by Irish author Bram Stoker, featuring as its primary antagonist the vampire Count Dracula .It was first published as a hardcover in 1897 by Archibald Constable and Co.The novel is mainly composed of journal entries and letters written by several narrators.The tale begins with Jonathan Harker, a newly qualified English solicitor, journeying by train and carriage from England to Count Dracula's  remote castle  in the Carpathian Mountains on the border of Transylvania, Bukovina and Moldavia.The purpose of his mission is to provide legal support to Dracula for a real estate transaction overseen by Harker's employer, Peter Hawkins, of Exeter in England.Harker soon discovers that he has become a prisoner in the castle,
Harker barely escapes from the castle with his life.
 Soon Dracula is tracking Harker's  fiancée.Before writing Dracula, Stoker spent seven years researching
European folklore and stories of vampires,Though the most famous vampire novel ever, Dracula was not the first. It was preceded and partly inspired by Sheridan Le Fanu's 1871 "Carmilla", about a lesbian vampire who preys on a lonely young woman.It has been suggested that Stoker was influenced by the history of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who was born in the Kingdom of Hungary. Bathory is suspected to have tortured and killed anywhere between 36 and 700 young women over a period of many years,and it was commonly believed that she committed these crimes in order to bathe in or drink their blood, believing that this preserved her youth.
In 1914, two years after Stoker's death,
the short story "Dracula's Guest"   
was posthumously published. It was,
the deleted first (or second)
chapter from the original manuscript.

DNA Stain

Monday, May 3, 2010

DNA-Stain: Poetry And Short Stories

DNA Stain:
Your long-term storage of information, your blueprints or recipe of life. Our Life long journey, how life relates to your existence and consciousness, our purpose, a soul or an afterlife. All that exists is our DNA; life is merely A Stain, your Stain.
 Copyright © 2010 JGomez All rights reserved.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Up High on the ceiling sky she said to me,
Written in red, is where it should be.
Shinning bright for all to see, all the love I have for thee,
Never dim, or obscured, without restraints, having -
The free way, a period of travel, the condition of-
Suddenly broke of passion, not alien to me,
Submit to me, for all to see, Up High on the ceiling sky-
Boundless and powerful, you are to me.
©: JGomez 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ortega Was Inspired By Michael

Kenny Ortega, Michael ’s long-time
friend and co-director of
‘This Is It’
has spoken about
the many ways Michael has inspired him.On The Red Carpet caught up with Ortega at a St. Jude Children ’s Research Hospital event on Tuesday night in Los Angeles. He said that the main focus of his projects now is giving back, thanks in part, to Michael. “Now my journey is about sharing, and about reminding, and about raising consciousness,” he said. “And I have to say Michael Jackson did a lot to bring that into the light for me.”
06/22/2010 DNA-STAIN

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Generations self-absorbed ?

        Generations Self - Absorbed ?
Though we are sometimes tempted to dismiss younger generations as being self-absorbed, there is always evidence to be found supporting the opposite conclusion: there are actually a surprising number of young people who think of others first.
DNA Stain:  © 2010 JGomez