Friday, October 1, 2010

River Bank--Recollection - Of Time Pt.2

That sweet fragrant in the breeze was: Carl’s ice cream (and still is).
 The gently summer breeze always reminded me, of Carl's I- could hardly wait to get a cone. I remember standing in long lines that wrapped around the building. With my parent's,- there I would be . One of the good memories I have of childhood-like bike rides with friends, hanging out till the street lights came on...or until the lighting bugs ---- went to sleep. 
        I remember sitting on the ground until my ice cream cone was gone- (most of it on my shirt) remembering a time when life was more simple, this is what people did with summer evenings back then , a long time ago. Time was a lot slower then, everyone looked forward to Carl's ice cream in the evenings ,like a pattern it was what you was supposed to do.

  I remember playing hide-n-seek until way after dark; it was the best time to play.I remembers fishing until the sun went down. The night sky would wrapped me in a blanket and keep me safe.  My appreciation and love for the River developed when I was young. Those fun filled days, will always remain with me each time I see the Rappahannock River. There's a mystery to any river, no matter where you are, if you look close enough in the rolls, of the waves, the wind seems to cradle it in a way, swiftly moving it to a destination unknown.

While under my covers at night in my room, (with my belly full of ice cream) with my window open.   I would drift off to sleep, hearing the run of the river as it rocked me to sleep.
      Oh well, I’ve got more to say but you'll have to check back latter to read.

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