Friday, November 19, 2010

Jon Brion's song for Synecdoche


 Brion's lyrics--- are as melancholic and timeless as ever: "I'm just a little person, one person in a sea / Of many little people, who are not aware of me / I do my little job, and live my little life / Eat my little meals, miss my little kid and wife." There are many philosophical musings going on, questions asked, meanings discovered or not--of course. But there is also the experience of . . .well, experiencing it. As an audience member. Vicariously. Those who write, "it's been done before: Life is a stage" or "Ok, enough, I get it", somehow missed living in the story themselves while they were watching. It's not just an intellectual exercise. It's about your father, your children, feeling like someone's keeping track of your life, the struggle to see your life, constantly knowing you will die, and a million other things. And I mean you, not Caden. Perhaps that's been done before, too. But not so well, not with such nuance of emotion.

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