Thursday, December 2, 2010

Act Of Saying

Act Of saying: Written for A Friend 2010
There are sunny days in life, and sometimes there is a pall of gloom, disappointments, wishes, hopes, ambitions. Sometimes-
There is everything and everyone in our lives, yet there is nothing, we yearn for something more, things we didn't get, reminiscence of the events gone by and dozens of other feelings. Life is something that makes you accomplish your seemingly impossible dreams. No matter who will be the first and last, you stand where your goals want. Not the rich or poor can decide his own fate, when you do something bad, it will be remembered for years. When you do something good, it will be forgotten in a day. Nevertheless, do good anyway. Life can be tricky, and sometimes hard, just get out there and get it done.
Sometime- backthen- yesterday has gone, our tomorrow is yet to be- dawn. Then why do we think of our past, and our hidden future-
We try to forecast? Why not think of nothing and let things go as they do? Or should we think of our dreams and try to turn ‘em true? If time just runs in day and date, what is early, what is late?
The world is your own canvas blank;( you write the script ) Life is special to you in many-
Personal ways. Every color and shape holds the truth of life.
Every life has a different history, and no one could paint a better picture of your life --than you. © 2010 JGomez

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