Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random people in the park

Random people in the park
Play soccer until after dark
Hot dogs cook on the grill
Another goal, another kill
Sunlight filters through the trees
Boys and girls with banged-up knees

Random people in the park
Teens holding hands after dark
Steal a kiss now and then
Innocent love without much sin
Golden hair and young features
Defines another of God’s creatures

Random people in the park
Older couples still hold onto that spark
Gray hair and varicose veins
Defy Father Time just the same
Laughter and memories of soccer moms
Before college and high school proms

A lone figure in the park
Slow of feet, his features stark
Labored breath but eyes sparkle still
To catch the wind, another day fulfilled
Family memories of walks in the park
Silence now pervades the dark 

by A. Keith Barton

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